So you are over your gray hair...


It happens to everyone, grey hairs start popping up;  You see a few in the mirror and probably pluck them out, but then within a month or less, you find more and it seems like those gray hairs you pulled came back and brought friends! 

So you begin to wonder, what are my options for Gray Coverage? Let's dive in: 

1. Leave them and Lean in, knowing they are a Crown of Glory and a sign of Wisdom. 

Cost: $0 

Maintenance: 0 

2. Balayage some lightness around your face and throughout to BLEND the gray. OR use a demi-permanent color to blend out gray. Grows out much better than permanent. 

Cost: $50+ 

Maintenance: Glazing or pulling up the blonde as it grows out potentially quarterly or every 10+ weeks. 

*This will only BLEND the gray, it will NOT COVER it up. 

3. Root Touch Up with PERMANENT color totally covering the gray. 

Cost: $75+ 

Maintenance: Every 5 to 6 weeks as they grow in. *Covering with permanent color could have a line as your new growth comes in. 

4. Root Touch Up with PERMANENT color and Balayage for a soft grow out; covering your old gray and blending it with some lightness throughout so the grow out is softer. 

Cost: $90+ 

Maintenance: Every 8+ weeks. You could switch off doing balayage only every so often and then just covering for gray as it comes in depending on your budget. 

5. Lean in Completely and go MUCH lighter to match the gray and get ahead of it knowing that over time you will be turning more gray. 

Cost: $130+++++

Maintenance: Root Touch Up and/or tone every 6+ weeks. 

So, there you have it. Some options to let you know where to go with your gray! Happy Coloring! 

Balayage here to stay:

"Is Balayage here to stay?" is a question I get asked a lot as a hair painter. In this post, I am going to lay out some truths about balayage and let you decide if you think it is here to stay or not. 

Why Balayage? 

The biggest reason why balayage (french meaning "to sweep") is so great is because it gives you a seamless blend. What does this mean to you? It means your hair looks more natural (sun-kissed if you will) and it means it grows out better- giving you more time in between and saving you on your annual hair budget.

Balayage is also really customizable so you can go bright, not so bright, just a pop, or anywhere in between. 

Welp...that's pretty much it and (while short) enough  to say that I think it will be around for awhile. ha! 

If you are curious about what this might look like for your hair or want to know more, contact me and we can set up a consultation!