When you feel Burnt Out as a Hairdresser


Lets have a real talk about burn out. 

This is a subject that not many hairdressers are discussing and yet, it should be a spotlight topic. With so many expectations from clients and ourselves, it is hard to not feel really overwhelmed and burnt out about our work. 

I, like many others, am a mother, wife, operate my home, organize our lives, handle our money, run my business, book my business, and run my social media content for my work and blog (upcoming ha!). It can be…overwhelming. I know that many people are struggling with the comparison game that social media brings right to our finger tips too. 

Here are some tips and reminders for those of us, stylists,  who are feeling faint of heart: 

1. Move at your own pace. 

Remember that Rome was built in a day. Just the other day I was in the car, rushing to get somewhere, and feeling pretty aggravated at the drivers around me moving slowly when I muttered some things I was feeling under my breath… about that time my toddler from the backseat told me, “Mom, you need to rewax (relax). We are friendwy (friendly) and patient.” What a humbling moment. I was reminded that really whatever I was rushing to do didn’t matter and I know it didn’t because for the life of me I have no memory where we were going. All of that to say, don’t let anything (ahem, Instagram) or anyone else max out your friendly and patient demeanor. Move at your own pace and your own purpose. 

2. Set boundaries.

We all want to please our clients and make them feel like beautiful Victorias Secret sexy models when they leave our chair. It’s really hard to do that when you over promise and under deliver and try to fit every Tom, Dick, and Harry (Hairy hehe eh?)  in your seat.SO, find what you want to do, what you want to “specialize” in and do that. 

Stop taking people you know have unrealistic expectations, 

stop overbooking yourself, and

start saying No. 

Just these past two years, I have said no to a lot of people. Am I worried about money? Yes. Am I worried I might look bad? No. Here is why: If I try to take a client for the money who has unrealistic expectations or big requirements about their hair, when they are unhappy, I will inevitably have to get them back in for a redo. This would end up costing ME double the time which TIME IS MONEY. 

So save yourself and walk away from that during your initial consultation. (Look for a red flags clients post coming up ha!) Trust too that sometimes when you say no, it leaves your time open for a client who you can give a big YASSSS to. 

3. Get Inspired. 

Stylists, continued education is our life blood. We need to feel inspired to create. If you are dying inside, take some classes. Try something new. Create again. Isn’t that why you started in the first place? Remember your passion that brought you hair in the first place and sometimes that fire can be reignited by someone else who is doing it in the way we want or who is paving a new road we want to travel down. 

All of this to say: (Here is the plug, you knew it was coming.) Bombshell Edu was created for you, friend. A place where you can come and be inspired to continue to create and dream and breathe. We have some upcoming classes that are made to pour in to your career. Check it out and get signed up and kick that burn out.. well.. out.